Welcome to Bonotel Documentation#


Getting Started#

All documents in this portal is originated from Git repo http://gitlab.rezg.net/Bonotel/documentation

Documents are formated in Markdown syntax mainly mostly used in Github README.md. Each document should end with .md extension. You can refer below guide to learn more about markdown syntax. Also use simple syntaxes as much as possible to keep documents simple and unified. Refer other documents to copy the format

  1. Pull the repo in your local directory
  2. Use any markdown supported text editors like Atom or Remarkable

Markdown Syntax Guide#

MkDock uses Markdown syntax to build the static html documents. Hence pages should be written in markdown format.

Following links provides comprehensive markdown syntax guide Markdown Guide https://guides.github.com/features/mastering-markdown/

See Live Changes Before Commit#

Install MkDocs in your local maching by typing pip install mkdocs

Start MkDocs server

$ cd <pulled directory>
$ mkdocks serve

Once server is started open http://localhost:8000